Photo equipment

Photo equipment used for my activity of wildlife and nature photographer. After having used SLR cameras since my beginnings in photography, I switched to the hybrid system with a Nikon Z9. For wildlife photography, this camera has several advantages, among others: 

  • High performance autofocus.
  • High shooting burst.
  • Discretion when shooting in burst shots (the stacato of the Nikon D4 was annoying for some birds and made them flee).
  • No occlusion of the viewfinder during the bursts, thus facilitating the follow-up of the subject.
  • High sensor definition.

This high definition allows:

  • either to work in DX mode with a crop of 1.5 (my 400mm thus becomes a 600mm)
  • or work in FX mode and keep the initial definition.
  • or crop in post processing the shots taken in FX without degrading the definition of the shot too much. I can thus have more polished compositions. On fast actions in DX mode with a tighter framing it is more difficult to take care of the image composition.

Youtube videos to watch on the Nikon Z9

Equipment for Shooting :

  For post-processing :

  • Laptop MacBook Air 11pouces – to sort and save my photos on my go.
  • Computer Apple-MacMini M1 CPU 8 coeurs.
  • Screen 24 pouces Eizo CS2420 – dalle IPS.
  • Calibration probe X-Rite Pro – for calibrating my screen.
  • Software Capture One Pro – for processing Raw files and managing my photo library.
  • Software Affinity Photo 2 & Affinity Designer 2 – for miscellaneous photo work.

I have used Nikon equipment for many years. My first Nikon (film at the time) was a Nikon F3.

Link to the website of “Nikon United Kingdom