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In this “Photo of the Month” section, throughout the seasons, the weather, the migration of birds and my encounters, discover a new photograph each month.

April “Black-winged Stilt”

Black-winged Stilt belonging to the group of shorebirds is recognizable by its thin, straight beak, its white body plumage, its black wings, its very long red legs which clearly protrude beyond the tail in flight. Both sexes are almost similar. The female is brownish while the male is blacker. The juvenile is lighter than the adult.
Black-winged Stilt lives mainly near fresh and salt water marshes, and in mudflats, flooded fields and rice fields. In the Camargue, it is found near bodies of shallow water, generally salty in an open environment.
It feeds on aquatic insects, worms, tadpoles, larvae, and other small crustaceans and molluscs. Its long pink legs allow the White Stilt to wade in deep water, while gathering its food on the surface. However, it can submerge its head underwater to look for food.

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