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If you are a busy surfer, you will find here a portfolio giving you an overview of the Camargue Birds.

If you have a little time, the thematic articles of the blog will immerse you more extensively in the universe and the knowledge of the Birds of the Camargue.

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Portfolio the Birds

I took most of the photographs in this portfolio in regions that I particularly like :

  • Camargue et Camargue Regional Park,
  • Camargue Gardoise,
  • Plain of the Crau, (Coussouls de la Crau national nature reserve)

The Camargue is my favorite land for birds because of its proximity to my home and because of its ornithological richness. This region is undoubtedly a paradise for birds. This is one of the reasons that prompted me to create this site dedicated to the “Oiseaux de Camargue“.

The “Coussoul de la Crau” is renowned for its fauna. In particular, the birds typical of the steppes can be found here. The coussoul is an ecosystem that hosts, year-round or seasonally, a very large number of nesting birds. This national reserve is subject to regulated access. To enter the Coussouls of Crau Nature Reserve, you must have an authorization (3€). The map to be obtained at the Écomusée de la Crau, at Saint Martin de Crau. You must imperatively stay on the marked trails in order to preserve the fragility of the environment and the site.. 

About the material used…

I took most of these photographs with two SLRs (Nikon D4 – Nikon D500) and with two telephoto lenses (Nikon 300mm f/4 PF VR and Nikon 500mm f/4 AFS VR). Depending on the needs, I could thus make combinations: full-frame sensor (D4) or APS-C sensor (D500), and 300 mm or 500 mm telephoto lens.

You can consult the Birds Index of the site for more information on a species.

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