Birds Family

Birds (Aves) are a class of tetrapod vertebrates characterized by bipedalism, wings, plumage and a toothless beak. The classification of birds is thus established with the following hierarchy:

  • Class
    • Order
      • Family
        • Gender
          • Species

  • Grèbe à cou noir - Black-necked Grebe

    Black-necked Grebe

    The Black-necked Grebe has a slightly upturned bill that is thinner than that of its cousin, the Horned Grebe. This beak is, moreover, entirely black. It has greenish legs, positioned far behind the body, which facilitates swimming,

  • Vanneau huppé - Northern Lapwing

    Northern Lapwing

    Northern Lapwing is a species of medium-sized wading birds, often living in flocks, common in Europe. It has a characteristic long, tapered black crest, while the back and tail plumage are green, although it appears black from a distance.

  • Courlis cendré - Eurasian Curlew

    Eurasian Curlew

    The Eurasian Curlew is a species of wader belonging to the large family Scolopacidae. On the other hand, it is the largest European shorebird of its kind. Its long legs are grey-blue, and end in 4 fingers. The plumage is speckled and streaked with gray, red, brown, tawny and white.

  • Gallinule poule-d'eau - Common Moorhen

    Common Moorhen

    The Moorhen, or more simply moorhen, is a species of bird belonging to the order Gruiformes and the family Rallidae. It is very common in ponds and ponds, as well as in waterways where the vegetation is sufficiently dense.

  • Râle d'eau - Water Rail

    Water Rail

    The water rail is easily distinguished from other rails and crakes by its long, thin reddish bill. Adults have slate-grey face and underparts. The mantle and wing coverts are brown with regular black patterns. The sides are clearly barred with black and white, the legs are pink.

  • Grue cendrée - Common Crane

    Common Crane

    The Common Crane is one of the largest birds in Europe. It has slaty gray plumage, with black or bluish black feathers on the primaries and secondaries. A red cap located on the top of the head is also more or less visible depending on the season. The upper neck, throat, forehead and nape are black.

  • Pluvier petit Gravelot - Little Ringed Plover

    Little Ringed Plover

    The Little Ringed Plover is a species of aquatic bird from the shorebird group belonging to the Charadriidae family. It is a very widespread species in continental Europe and Asia.