The Phoenicopteridae are a family of large aquatic birds. This family includes 3 gender and 6 species known under the generic name flamingos.

  • Flamant nain - Lesser Flamingo

    Lesser Flamingo

    The Lesser Flamingo is a species of bird found from Africa (mainly in the Great Rift Valley) to India. It is the smallest of the 4 species of flamingos and also the most numerous. Its main breeding ground is Lake Natron in Tanzania.

  • Flamants roses

    Greater Flamingo

    Home >> Blog >> Greater Flamingo The Greater Flamingo is the emblematic bird of the Camargue. It is the only region of France where these birds nest and one of the only places in the world where the pink flamingo has returned to lay eggs every year since 1969. On the “Etang du Fangassier” more than 10,000 flamingos come to breed. These gregarious birds live in groups in wetlands. Greater FlamingoScientific name : Phoenicopterus roseusFamily : PhoenicopteridaeLong. de 120 à 145 cm, Env. de 140 à 170 cmWeight: de 2.500 à 3.500 gr Description The species is unmistakable: the perched bird has an entirely light pink body, long webbed pink…