Podicipedidae are a family of aquatic birds called grebes. It is made up of 6 genera and 22 species according to the Ornithological Congress...
The Grebe is a bird that lives in an aquatic habitat. It does not walk, spends its life on water, and very rarely goes on land. It also flies very little and only out of obligation to flee an enemy or migration. It is a diving bird that can also swim underwater.

  • Grèbe à cou noir - Black-necked Grebe

    Black-necked Grebe

    The Black-necked Grebe has a slightly upturned bill that is thinner than that of its cousin, the Horned Grebe. This beak is, moreover, entirely black. It has greenish legs, positioned far behind the body, which facilitates swimming,

  • Little Grebe

    The little grebe is the smallest and stockiest of the grebes. It is immediately identifiable by its small round head, its small thin beak with often visible pale corners and its inimitable way of floating like a cork.