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The Camargue is a wetland of international importance, hosting a world biosphere reserve. It shares with the deltas of the Danube and the Guadalquivir the title of the richest wetland in Europe. This section concerns Articles on the Camargue, Petite Camargue Gardoise and Couscous de Crau other than birds.

  • Great Causses - Ferme caussenarde - Hameau de Hyelzas

    Great Causses

    The Great Causses extend first of all to the south of the Aveyron department, in Lozère, as well as the Gard and a small part of Hérault. The Great Causses is an appellation which designates a set of more or less vast limestone high plateaus with reliefs shaped by puechs and valleys interspersed with ravines, valleys and gorges located to the south of the Massif Central.

  • Ferme au Hameau de Bellecoste - Farm in the Hamlet of Bellecoste

    The Cevennes

    The Cevennes are a mountainous region forming part of the Massif Central, and extending mainly over the departments of Lozere, Gard and Herault. The southern part has a Mediterranean climate, while the region of Mont Lozere and Mont Aigoual has a more mountainous climate, given the altitude of these two massifs.

  • Querelle de Flamants roses

    Bird Quarrels

    Bird Quarrels can have several origins: The conquest of a female, the males in nuptial plumage seek to attract the female, and compete in style and presence. The conquest of a nesting territory, this choice is vital according to the security it offers to build a nest there. Protection against the intrusions of other birds on the territory of nesting or food.

  • Article Les Oiseaux de Camargue

    Birds of Camargue

    Home >> Blog >> Birds of Camargue The Camargue has been part of the 46 parcs naturels régionaux what does France count. This park, with an area of 84,800 hectares of land, 34,300 on the sea, extends mainly over the municipalities of Arles and Saintes Marie de la Mer. It is the largest wetland in France. An exceptional biodiversity is present in these wetlands. The Camargue is one of the last natural environments on the Mediterranean coast. Birds of Camargue for ornithologists as for photographers, the Camargue is a privileged place for bird watching throughout the year. Grey Heron Black-winged Stilt Bird classification Camargue birds can be classified into four categories :…

  • Article La Camargue

    The Camargue

    The Camargue is undoubtedly a paradise for birds. These ensured the international reputation of the Camarque by their variety. This region has more than 350 species of sedentary or migratory birds.