Bird Quarrels

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Bird Quarrels can have several origins:

  • the conquest of a female, the males in nuptial plumage seek to attract the female, and compete in style and personable,
  • the conquest of a nesting territory, this choice is vital depending on the security it offers to build a nest there,
  • protection against the intrusions of other birds on the territory of nesting or food.

As spring approaches most birds have only one goal, breeding. This period of reproduction is essential to the survival of the species.

For many species the pairs are already formed during the winter, for others the pairs are formed during this period.

So many elements that can be a source of conflict…

Some bird species are lifelong faithful; others change partners every season. In some species, the male mates with several females and does not participate in raising the young. Some birds remain faithful year after year to their nesting and breeding territories.

The quarrels

Quarrel among the Flamingos…

Bird quarrels among the Glossy ibis…

Drown its rival among the Pied Avocets…

Quarrel among the Spotted Redshank..

Rififi in the heronry…

Quarrels of Birds in the Nesting Season

The formation of couples and the ceremonial of seduction give rise to various demonstrations, the most widespread of which is the gift of food. The offering of a small freshly caught fish is part of this ritual among terns. In European bee-eaters, the offering will be an insect (bee wasp or dragonfly).

Often spectacular courtship displays are part of the courtship ceremony of many birds. Among the Crested Grebes, we witness extraordinary aquatic dances, Mr. and Mrs. participate in this aquatic ballet. In the Pink Flamingos, parades are done in groups with a very well regulated and very precise choreography. This behavior is linked to the fact that these birds are very gregarious and live in large groups.

In other species, this seduction ceremony manifests itself in a more or less melodious sound. In the White Storks, this ceremonial manifests itself rather noisily by the “clicking” of their beak.

You can see the article from my site “Birds of Camargue” for more information on the Camargue and the Birds.

Quote of the moment

« Man is a capricious child who believes that the Earth is his bedroom, animals his toys, trees his rattles..»

Sylvain Tesson , Dans les forêts de Sibérie (2011)

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