Other Family birds

Other families of birds not described in a specific category, or generic name.

  • Grue cendrée - Common Crane

    Common Crane

    The Common Crane is one of the largest birds in Europe. It has slaty gray plumage, with black or bluish black feathers on the primaries and secondaries. A red cap located on the top of the head is also more or less visible depending on the season. The upper neck, throat, forehead and nape are black.

  • Martin pêcheur


    Home >> Blog >> Kingfisher The kingfisher of the Alcédinidés family, is a very colorful little bird with a very particular look, who attracts many wildlife photographers. The colors of its plumage, its attitude and its speed make it a favorite subject for many of us. KingfisherScientific name : Alcedo atthisFamily : AlcédinidésLong. de 16 à 17 cm, Env. de 24 à 26 cmWeight : de 30 à 45 gr Description The kingfisher has a compact body, its short neck supports its large head extended by a pointed beak, its tail and its reduced legs. It has the head a little darker than the body, of a brilliant blue-green according…