Passerines, also called passeriformes, make up the family of birds with the largest number of species. The taxon includes more than half of the bird species. Many passerines are songbirds that have complex muscles to control their syrinx.

  • Rougegorge familier - European Robin

    European Robin

    Home >> Blog >> European Robin European Robin is a not very shy bird, its not very shy nature allows it to be approached easily and it readily agrees to show itself. This little sparrow is however of a very irascible nature. It defends its territory with unfailing determination against the intrusion of its congeners. This defense takes place regardless of the season. The male and the female are almost identical, with a crown, wings, the top and the tail of brown color, a gray band on the sides of the throat, a white belly and the famous “red throat”, more precisely in color Dark orange pulling red. It is…

  • Panure à moustaches - Bearded Reedling

    Bearded Reedling

    Bearded Reedling is a passerine the size of a chickadee, with a long stored tail. The male, in its nuptial plumage, presents itself as a very red bird with a gray-blue-blue head it sporting two long and very visible black "mustaches" starting from the lores.

  • Martin pêcheur


    Home >> Blog >> Kingfisher The kingfisher, a very colorful little bird with a very particular look, attracts many wildlife photographers. The colors of its plumage, its attitude and its speed make it a favorite subject for many of us. KingfisherScientific name : Alcedo atthisFamily : AlcédinidésLong. de 16 à 17 cm, Env. de 24 à 26 cmWeight : de 30 à 45 gr Description The kingfisher has a compact body, its short neck supports its large head extended by a pointed beak, its tail and its reduced legs. It has the head a little darker than the body, of a brilliant blue-green according to the places. A red stripe…