Heron is a generic term for many species of birds belonging to different genera of the Ardeidae family. They are medium to large sized wading birds. These are characterized by a long, slender neck, folded in the shape of an "S", and by an orange-yellow, elongated and conical dagger-shaped beak. Herons live in wetlands, bodies of water (lakes or ponds) and streams. They feed on batrachians, fish or rodents.

  • Héron Garde-boeufs - Western Cattle Egret

    Western Cattle Egret

    Home >> Blog >> Western Cattle Egret This little white heron owes its name to the fact that it likes to stay near livestock. It takes advantage of the latter’s presence by feeding on frightened insects. It can be recognized by its rather stocky silhouette, its rather short beak and the distinct bulge of feathers under it. The cattle egret differs from other herons by its massive silhouette and short beak. Western Cattle EgretScientific name : Bubulcus ibisFamily : ardéidésLong. de 46 à 52 cm, Env. de 82 à 95 cmWeight : de 340 à 390 gr Flight The Cattle Egret’s flight is rapid. Like other herons, it flies with…