Species sheet

Species sheet : Birds (Aves) are a class of tetrapod vertebrates characterized by bipedalism, wings and a toothless beak. Surviving the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction, modern birds (Neornithes) are the only living representatives of theropod dinosaurs. In 2020-2021, there are around 10,700 to 11,150 recorded species of birds, more than half of which are passerines. Birds are generally adapted to flight but some species, such as ostrich, emu, kiwi and penguins cannot fly. The young is called a fledgling or chick. Larger it is described as juvenile then immature. The branch of zoology that studies these is called ornithology.

Species sheet of the articles always follows the same plan and summarizes the main characteristics:

  • The description
  • The Flight
  • The Habitat
  • The Regime or Diet
  • The Nesting
  • The Migration
  • The Protection
  • The Song ou the Cry