Crau plain

The Crau plain is located on the east bank of the Rhône, facing the Camargue, south of the Alpilles, and between the Etang de Berre and the Rhône delta. La Crau is renowned for its remarkable landscapes, contrasting with bocage areas of meadows and semi-arid pastures: “les Coussoul”. In addition, they are home to endemic fauna and flora. The Crau plain is also known for its agricultural production and its hay of exceptional quality. It covers an area of ​​approximately 57,000 hectares. Typical steppe birds have made coussoul famous. Numerous remains of Roman sheepfolds testify that sheep have roamed the Coussoul de la Crau since antiquity. So for millennia, herds have shaped this delta left by the Durance. They have thus created a unique environment in the world, sheltering exceptional and diverse fauna.